The vision of the Ukuqonda Institute is to promote excellence in the fields of Mathematics, Physical Science, Technology and Literacy education at all education levels in Southern Africa.

 Ukuqonda, as its name implies (which means “to understand”), focuses strongly on learning with conceptual understanding and the development of key concepts, rather than (only) preparing learners for tests and examinations. In practical terms this means engagement of learners in meaningful tasks which provide them with opportunities to make sense of subject content and to provide space for own thinking. We actively pursue ways of developing responsibility for own learning, building self-reliance, insisting on and allowing space for learners to take initiative.

 The overarching perspective informing the vision of Ukuqonda is that learning should provide for sense making, the promotion of conceptual understanding and development of valuable know-how and strategic skills.


The Ukuqonda Institute is governed by a Board of Trustees, appointed in terms of the relevant legislation pertaining to Section 21 not-for-profit companies, and the Articles of Association by which the Ukuqonda Institute was founded. Current Board of Trustees are:


Dr Ndumiso Cingo, CSIR

Manare Setati, University of Limpopo       

Dr Marietjie Vosloo, DataSense Consulting

Lebogang Masigo, Rand Water(past student 2004)

Prof Satsope Maoto, University of Limpopo

Prof Piet Human

Dr Erna Lampen, University of Stellenbosch